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You are not alone. Let Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center in Austin help you determine the best choice for you. Call now for FREE pregnancy testing. 

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Welcome to LifelinePRC at 1190 Chicon St.

At Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center no one will judge you or tell you what to decide. There’s no hype, no politics, and we don’t make money off of anything you choose. LifelinePRC of Austin is here to sincerely help you with FREE medical pregnancy testing and if you are pregnant, share with you every option you have.

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We are a free Resource Center that offers a free pregnancy test, free limited ultrasounds and confidential option counseling. Beyond that, we offer excellent parenting and life skills classes and a boutique with material goods for you and your baby. 

Call/text us at 512-494-0952 or 512-563-0071

All our services and contact are kept confidential which means we cannot tell anyone about you! Not parents, not boyfriends, not husbands or anyone.  We are a place to trust in the time of need. We cannot help you unless we can be trusted to maintain confidentiality. We are here  to help you and never judge your choices or circumstances. We do not refer for or perform abortions. 

Need help?

Unplanned pregnancy? Unsure what to do?

Unplanned pregnancy? Unsure what to do?

We are here to talk about the tough questions - Abortion, Keeping a Baby, or Adoption. We'll give you honest answers.  Get all the facts before you decide! Call now for free pregnancy testing: 512-494-0952 or 512-563-0071


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Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center

1190 Chicon St. Austin, Tx 78702

Call (512) 494-0952 or text (512) 563-0071

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